Sapphire Blue Quartz Mosaics

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Create a Trendy Feature with Sparkly Blue Mosaics

Sapphire Blue Quartz Mosaics will transform your living space by enhancing the interior design. The vibrancy and unique colour displayed will wow your guests and accentuate a salubrious quality. It is dynamic in appearance and will help create a chic contemporary look in your kitchen or bathroom. It will combine with bold colours to create a stunning effect. The mirror particles will reflect and sparkle in a spectacular fashion producing a magical ambiance within your home. A total of 81 30x30mm squares are formatted upon each 305x305mm sheet. These mosaics are created through an innovative technological process which has resulted in a quartz content of 97%.

Add Blue Quartz Mosaics for a Modern Style

In modern designs a sparkly element can help to provide a wow factor and for this reason these blue quartz mosaic tiles are a popular option for contemporary bathroom and kitchen decors. They are not only much sought after for home layouts but are also acquired for shop and cafe interiors. The distinctive look can help to transform the look of walls and floors.

Blue Quartz Mosaics for a variety of projects

This option from Tilesporcelain is popular among interior designers and architects for commercial renovations and installations in offices, hotels, bars and restaurants. These quartz tiles are made with 97% quartz and more mirror particles than any other tile on the market. These mosaic tiles are slip resistant as well as being non porous making them a practical option for high traffic areas within the family home. Quartz is a resin based material and its use as a conservatory covering throughout high thermal environments and above underfloor heating is at your own risk. Ensure the use of latex adhesives is avoided during the installation of quartz tiles.

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