Cream and White Quartz Mosaics

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Material Quartz
Colour Mixed
Finish Shiney
Ideal For Floor
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Quartz Mosaics in a Chequered White and Cream Pattern

Provide your home layout with a sparkly element by choosing these Cream and White Quartz Mosaics. The individual 48x48mm mosaic squares have been arranged on the 300x300mm mesh sheet in a chequered pattern which helps to display a unique style. They can be used as part of a bathroom or kitchen layout within either a backsplash or mosaic format.

Create a stylish quality throughout

Cream and white are two popular colours for home designs as they display a neutral quality throughout. These sparkly tiles can be incorporated within modern designs, within which they provide a standout element. Not only are these mosaic tiles acquired for home interiors but they are also chosen for commercial properties.

Latest Technology used

Created with the latest technology, these tiles have a 97% quartz ratio. It is entirely at your own risk should you choose to expose quartz tiles to high thermal conditions which may include underfloor heating or in areas which experience high levels of natural sunlight like conservatories, sunrooms, near glass patio doors and outdoor areas. Latex based adhesives should also be avoided.

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