Amethyst Plum Quartz Mosaics 48x48mm Squares

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Order Code QZM-PLUM
Material Quartz
Colour Brown
Finish Shiney
Ideal For Floor
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Choose Plum Quartz for Bathroom Borders

Comprising of a plum colour and a sparkle and glisten produced by mirror flecks these 48x48mm mosaic squares are a decorative choice for wall and floor designs. They are well suited to border designs in bathrooms and can also be incorporated within kitchen backsplash layouts. These mosaics combine superbly with popular colours like white and cream.

Sparkly Mosaics with a Plum colour

A distinctive plum colour and surface covered in sparkly reflective pieces creates an appearance to brighten any interior. These mosaics are therefore often acquired for smaller areas including shower cubicles, wet rooms and en suite bathrooms in order to accentuate the available light and space.

Highly Polished Quartz Plum Mosaics

A highly polished finish not only helps to emphasise the colour but also makes them an easy option to clean and maintain. These durable mosaic tiles are acquired for both residential and commercial properties. The flexibility of these mosaics sheets makes them a great choice for curved walls and sloping floors. Technological advances have meant these tiles have a quartz content of 97%. Choosing quartz for areas which are exposed to high thermal conditions, including underfloor heating, sunrooms, outdoor areas and conservatories is entirely at your own risk. Latex based adhesives should also be avoided.

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