Red Quartz Mosaic

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Order Code QZM-RED
Material Quartz
Colour Red
Finish Shiney
Ideal For Floor
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Create a Trendy Backsplash with Red Quartz Mosaics

If you are looking for a trendy backsplash in a kitchen or even a mosaic border within a bathroom these sparkly red quartz tiles are certainly worth consideration. They have a vibrant appearance which can really transform the style of interior decors. The dynamic red shade and glittery mirror pieces are emphasised by a highly polished finish. Red quartz mosaics combine to superb effect with popular colours like black and white.

Great for Shower Areas

They are supplied in 300x300mm sheets which comprise of individual 48x48mm mosaic squares. There are 36 mosaic squares in each sheet. A polished finish emphasises the appearance and also provides a surface which is easy to clean. As flooring, these mosaics can be used to particularly good effect in shower areas.

Find out more about Red Quartz Mosaic Tiles

If you would like to discover more about these trendy red quartz mosaics please get in touch with Tilesporcelain today. These tiles have been engineered through a unique and innovative process and contain 97% quartz. Quartz Tiles are applied to areas exposed to high thermal conditions including underfloor heating, incorporated within sunroom and conservatory interiors or next to patio doors and as part of outdoor designs is entirely at your own risk. Latex based adhesives should also be avoided.

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