White Bumpy Ceramic Wall Tile

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400x250 £44.99m2 £11.99m2
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Order Code RAK44
Material Ceramic
Colour White
Finish Polished
Ideal For Wall
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White Polished Ceramic Tiles

These white ceramic tiles have a bumpy surface and highly polished finish. This style creates a distinctive appearance on walls, making them a great choice for backsplash features. These tiles are perfect for bathroom shower areas as the glossy surface can be simply wiped dry and cleaned with ease. The bumpy feature produces additional intrigue as light will shimmer when it hits the surface of the tile. In addition to home designs these tiles are also suitable for commercial properties including shops and restaurants. If you would like to take a closer look at these white bumpy ceramic wall tiles then it is quick and easy to order a sample from Tilesporcelain.


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