Red Tiles

Obtain your ideal style by selecting from our extensive range of red tiles

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Our selection includes natural stone and engineered varieties. Red is considered to be a significant colour in terms of its impact on a design and capability of providing a distinctive character. There are numerous shades of red from what is known as the standard primary colour to maroon and even lighter pink variations. We supply premium red coverings which are suitable for both walls and floors.

Design Ideas

Colours which are particularly different from each other very often combine extremely well. Bright red options from Tilesporcelain can be complemented by a white or ivory coloured grout. This type of grout design helps to emphasise the bright red colour extremely well. It can also provide you with plenty of scope when it comes to designing your wall or floor. Instead of a standard grid pattern other styles include brick effect. Breaking from the norm and introducing a different style can add immense character to the decorative element of your interior. Opposed to deploying them as your primary wall or floor feature they may only play a small part, for example as a border application.

Sparkly Red

Among our selection are sparkly quartz varieties including the primary shade of ruby red quartz as well as the darker Amethyst Plum collection. The sparkly mirror flecks provide a standout appearance on the surface. This look is emphasised by a high polish. A sparkly red look tends to be used as part of modern interior designs and are often complemented by similarly streamlined features. The sparkly and glistening appearance is what really catches the eye and can helps to transform decors.