Rock Tiles

Add a new look to your home or garden with high quality rock tiles

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Rock finishes, as you would expect, have a rough surface and natural character. We have a wide range available, many of which are suitable for outdoor areas, including patios and pathways. They are great for providing a high level of slip resistance and they provide a truly authentic look that is ideal for country kitchens or busy homes. We stock natural varieties as well as stone effect versions

Designs with a Textural Contrast

Rock is very tactile and for homes or businesses that need refreshing, texture can be a great way to help stylise a room, leaving an edgy finish. Textural contrast within any space is great, couple this with muted colours and you are left with a real Mediterranean feel. Try adding travertine or slate flooring, for a slip resistant surface. You can also make use of our collection on steps and staircases; just ask one of our expert advisors for more information.

Create Attractive Floor Patterns

Because rock finishes create what can be described as a rustic appearance the pattern in which they are laid on a floor can be important in enhancing this look and feel. A popular technique is to apply them in a running bond or what is better known as a brick effect format. This requires accurate measuring and cutting to ensure that every alternate row matches up with the previous one. It is a much used style for garden patios and driveways. A brick effect pattern is also used in farmhouse style kitchens as well as hallways and porches. Another prevalent style is the French pattern set. This involves using different sizes within a specific format on a floor. Browse now to find a design and colour to suit you!