Sandstone Tiles

Outstanding choice for patios and a variety of different exterior designs

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The majority of our range are for exterior use only although certain varieties can be used as part of kitchen and conservatory designs. Sandstone is a hard wearing natural stone, traditionally used in the construction industry. Its distinctive natural appearance and hard wearing nature makes it an excellent flooring option. Sandstone tiles can add character to any space and they are acquired for both residential and commercial properties.

Great for High Traffic Areas

Hard wearing sandstone tiles are suitable for high traffic areas including busy shopping centre, restaurants and entrance areas. This stone is cut into thick slabs which provide floors with a high level of resilience. This durability also translates to its use as an exterior option and it can prove resilient to weathering when it is used as an outdoor patio. Sandstone provides gardens with strong and sturdy exterior flooring. The rock finish provides a high level of slip resistance even when the stone is wet. For added protection you can apply sealant to which helps to provide a less porous material.

Ideal for Patios and Driveways

Pavers are popular choices for patios and driveways. To emphasise their rustic nature they tend to be installed in a certain way, and not necessarily in the traditional grid formation. Popular patterns include a running bond, or brick effect, which formats tiles in alternate rows, like a brick wall. For interior areas adhesive and grout are used to secure the tiles. In outdoor designs the quantity required means adhesive and grout is not always viable and wet sand is often used as an alternative.