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Raj Grey Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles with a light grey colour and 15 - 25mm thickness. These tiles are supplied on 14.78m2 crates. The four sizes are: 13 x 900mm x 600mm, 13 x 600mm x 600mm, 13 x 600mm x 295mm and 9 x 295mm x 295mm. Grey sandstone paving slabs are used as part of garden patios, driveways and paths. The sophisticated light grey colour combined with a riven texture produces a stylish, yet rustic appearance. These grey sandstone paving tiles are not exclusive for outdoor use.

They also provide an authentic style and hard wearing surface on the floors of interior spaces including; kitchens, conservatories and porches. Every single sandstone slab is unique which means when laid together you can distinguish a range of shades and features. This adds character to any design. The durability of these tiles provides a high level of resilience. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed in layers. At one time it was primarily used as a building material but is now much sought after as a decorative floor covering.