Saturn Tiles

This range has a contemporary theme and comprises of popular shades

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Saturn tiles have a textured circular pattern. Available in bold colours, these distinctive tiles work effectively as a kitchen or bathroom wall tile. They are considered to be a contemporary option for kitchens and bathrooms. These premium quality ceramic tiles are hard wearing, durable and easy to clean. Saturn tiles have a shiny finish which emphasises the pattern very effectively. For a close up look at the unique pattern of these tiles you can order a sample. Also, for more information on these tiles you can contact one of our expert advisors.

Saturn Tiles Adding character to Interior Designs

It is often a textural contrast which really catches the eye opposed to just a standard colour or pattern. These tiles are often contrasted with flat, smooth tiles on walls. This combination of tiles is usually separated by a border application. Texture can provide genuine character to interior decors. The pattern of these ceramic tiles consists of different sized circles. Property developers who are looking for a stylish, yet cost effective option for walls will have a high interest in Saturn tiles. These tiles are also easy to install as part of DIY projects and are therefore even more appealing when tiling on a budget.

High Quality Ceramic Tiles from Tiles Porcelain

In addition to tiles from the Saturn range, Tiles Porcelain has a wide variety of premium ceramic tiles available. Ceramic tiles provide a low cost and easy to install alternative to increasingly popular natural stone. You can choose from ceramic tiles in a vast array of styles and colours. Take these Saturn tiles for example which combine a unique appearance with a hard wearing quality. These tiles are resilient against scratches and stains. At Tiles Porcelain we work closely with the manufacturers of our ceramic tiles to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality ceramic products.