Silver Tiles

Silver tiles in various styles for all manner of wall and floor designs

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With a wide selection of natural stone and engineered silver coverings to choose between you have a wide variety of options. Silver is a metallic grey shade and tends to be considered as a contemporary choice. It is prevalent in many metallic objects, so this collection is ideal for modern, up to date households. Our silver products are acquired for both commercial and residential markets and are therefore used within a vast range of projects.

Modern and Affordable

It can often be the finish applied to an engineered tile which transforms it from a standard grey colour in to a silver shade. A high polish can bring about a reflective quality and shimmering glow. Natural stone silver including travertine may have a more understated shade. Along with textured varieties there are also a selection of silver mosaics to choose from. You can order samples first, so you can make sure you make the right choice. This will give you an idea of how they will look as part of your kitchen or bathroom design. We also provide delivery direct to your door.

Decorative Silver Tile Options

The Tilesporcelain silver range boasts many textures and patterns, perfect for that luxury, decorative finish. In a mosaic pattern they can be combined with similarly bold colours like black or white. Creating a decorative splash back can look great in modern kitchens. The use of light can emphasise the style of any feature wall and powerful ceiling spotlights in particular can add a new dimension. Polished options will shine emphatically when light hits the sleek surface. They are often chosen for modern, streamlined kitchen decors.