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What Can you expect from our Splitface Tile Range?

This range comprises of both stone and wood cladding products which have a distinctive Splitface style. We have a wide variety of styles and colours available to choose from throughout this collection. Our low prices will enable you to transform the look of walls in your home at an affordable cost. Splitface tiles are chosen for both home designs and commercial renovations. Our stone Splitface tiles include Rock Panel Cladding with wood varieties comprising of Walnut, Blockwood Timber and Reclaimed wood, plus many more.

Create a stunning feature with Splitface Tiles

This extensive collection of Splitface Tiles showcases many unique styles and patterns. Tiles from this range are predominately used for feature walls, upon which they provide a distinctive character. Splitface tiles are regularly selected for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and fireplace surrounds. Stone Cladding tiles, in particular are perfect for fireplace surrounds. Wood Cladding can even be used on a ceiling to create a classic log cabin look. In order to complement a splitface wall design you could choose a stone tile like black slate.

Tiles for interior and exterior designs

Certain tiles within this section are only suitable for interior use whereas other varieties – such as stone cladding – can also be used as part of exterior decors. Regardless of whether you are looking to transform your home or garden layout you are sure to discover the perfect option within our Splitface tile section. Whether you are looking to acquire tiles for a contemporary, minimalist layout or rustic décor, there are plenty of options within our Splitface collection to meet your requirements. Ordering samples of any of these tiles gives you a chance to see how they look in your home.

Splitface Tile Design Ideas

The textured surface of split-face wall tiles means they look great when contrasted with floor tiles from the extensive range at Tilesporcelain. A popular technique is to combine Splitface tiles with a smooth covering like polished or matt porcelain. This contrast can really help to emphasise the rustic split face design. Products from this collection are chosen for expansive wall spaces including large retail shops and strategically placed ceiling spotlights or powerful lighting can really help to emphasise the colour, style and texture.