Studio Conran Tiles

Perfect option for modern interiors in which they provide a minimalist finish

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This ceramic wall covering has a decorative quality and is available in popular colours like black and white. Within the Studio Conran collection you can choose from a contemporary selection of wall coverings. A simple, yet effective design is a feature of the Studio Conran range. They are not only suitable for different projects including standard bathroom and kitchen renovations. Options from this collection have a high gloss finish which not only enhances the appearance but also provides a protective layer.

Studio Conran for Timeless Designs

The bold colour and simple pattern of Studio Conran means they are perfect for use within timeless interior designs. Glossy Studio Conran wall coverings are well suited to bathroom shower areas as moisture from the build up of condensation can simply be wiped from the sleek surface. With a shimmering quality created by a sleek surface they work well when combined with metallic features and bold shades for a streamlined decor. Practical modern kitchens are created by uncomplicated designs in both layout and appearance.

Premium British Ceramic

Studio Conran is part of the wide variety of British ceramics. These premium quality ceramics can be used in the busy areas of the home including kitchens and bathrooms. The low moisture absorption rate of this ceramic option means it can protect the underlying wall from damage caused by damp and mould. They are highly recommended for modern wet room interiors, providing style and practicality in abundance. Different varieties of Studio Conran are often combined together to create a stunning contrast on walls. A contrast of textures is also apparent when they are combined as part of interior designs. British ceramics like Studio Conran are acquired for both residential and commercial projects. They have been used in many different properties from residential homes to shops and restaurants.