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A texteured finish is available in a number of materials, from ceramic and mosaic to marble and porcelain. Adding texture to the overall design of your kitchen or bathroom can really add to the space and we supply both natural and engineered options, allowing you to fully customise your home dependent upon your taste. They provide a useful non-slip surface on floors and are often added to walls to create contrast, leaving a rustic, edgy finish. Find modern and traditional options in our range below and discover designs and colours to suit you.

The Importance of Texture within a Design

Along with colours and styles another design element to consider when buying a wall or floor covering is texture. Visible texture in the form of trendy patterns can be seen on many engineered versions like ceramic and porcelain. A texture can be used to emphasise a specific pattern or colour within the overall design. Certain stone varieties have a natural rock surface, these include travertine and wall cladding. Textured flooring provides a high level of slip resistance in comparison to smooth ones. If you want to take a closer look at any of our textured wall and floor options it is quick and easy to order a sample.

Adding a Feature Wall to your Home

Thinking about creating a feature wall? Well don’t forget that you can really make it stand out by choosing a surface with character. Adding texture makes for a more tactile, inviting interior and you can even add light to create a unique effect on a textured surface. Many products within our collection are ideal for creating a focal point, and they are superb for creating distinctive fireplace surrounds and kitchen splashbacks. Contact Tilesporcelain today or more information on our textured products.