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Accurate Tiling
For accuracy and effectiveness when cutting tiles during DIY projects you can use either a manual or electrical tile cutter. If you are tiling a kitchen or bathroom a cutter will help you to save time. After measuring a wall or floor space you will need to cut a number of tiles to size.

Electric and Manual Cutters

Wet Cutting
An Electric tile cutter is also known as a wet saw tile cutter. These cutters have a water basin which helps to cool the blade during use. Electrical cutters can achieve extremely good results in terms of accuracy and the low tendency to chip means there is less waste and therefore makes them a highly efficient choice for tiling projects. Electrical cutters are used for dense tiles like natural stone and also extremely tough engineered varieties like porcelain and quartz. Commercial tiling contractors, in particular, tend to use electric cutters for all of the aforementioned advantages. Manual cutters tend to be used for smaller residential projects particularly when cutting ceramic tiles. Contact Tilesporcelain today for more information.