Tiling AccessoriesFrom cleaning to protection we cover your tiling needs

We provide a wide range of accessories to help you carry out DIY tiling projects or for cleaning and maintenance. They provide a hard wearing and durable covering which should last a long time on walls and floors. Longevity can be achieved by using tiling accessories in both the initial application and further use of products to help retain the appearance and durability throughout the years.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep your products in pristine condition through cleaning and maintenance. We have a range of products which will help ensure surfaces maintain a stylish appearance. After initial tiling, many surfaces require a sealant to be applied, particularly natural stone. We supply impregnating sealer which helps to prevent moisture damage and also staining from dirt and dust. In this section you’ll also find cleaning products including polish remover. Specialist grout lines can also be protected from obvious problems like lime scale and mould by a protective liquid spray. Acquire a long term option for walls and floors, with a lifespan which can be extended further thanks to tiling accessories from Tilesporcelain.