Willow TilesContemporary, natural styles are available from our Willow collection

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This premium range of ceramics is notable for the prominent use of pastel colours like cream, beige and grey. These subtle shades can provide a rustic, natural appearance on walls and floors. Engineered ceramic is a practical choice for walls in kitchens and bathrooms. You can browse through our collection of Willow coverings and even order samples for a closer look. Low maintenance ceramics from Tilesporcelain provides you with a practical option.

Class and Simplicity with Willow Ceramics

The simplicity of the lined, wood-like pattern in willow ceramics can help you to create classy, uncomplicated designs. The glaze from which the pattern is created provides a protective layer on walls, making them a suitable choice for shower areas in bathrooms. The glaze also provides a reflective, shimmering quality which emphasises the elegant style. Willow ceramics are usually incorporated within sleek, modern interior designs which feature a combination of plain, yet effective colours and styles. Among our collection of Willow ceramics are decorative borders which, in-keeping with the style of this range, have a simple, yet highly effective quality.