Wood Flooring

Natural wood veneers on a stable engineered base

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Available from Tiles Porcelain is a wide selection of wood flooring in varying shades. Like natural stone, a genuine wood floor provides interiors with immense character. It is often used, just within one solitary room, but throughout expansive interior spaces. Natural wood has a timeless quality and is equally impressive as part of either a contemporary or traditional design. Our wood flooring is acquired for both residential and commercial projects.

Wood Flooring in Open Plan Designs

The suitability of wood in a range of different areas from both a style and practical viewpoint makes it an excellent choice for open plan designs. The fresh, rustic look provides genuine wood flooring with a neutral quality making it a versatile choice. Wood flooring is a hard wearing option, making it perfect for open plan designs which incorporate kitchens and living and dining rooms. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your wood flooring remains in pristine condition. The natural grainy texture of wood also provides floors with a high level of slip resistance. This wood flooring is not just an excellent choice for home interiors but also for shops and restaurants. It also makes an excellent option for staircase designs.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring has a natural surface, supported by a manmade backing for additional strength and durability. This design ensures that you get the authentic look of wood and all the practical qualities of an engineered product. The extra support provided by a synthetic backing provides an extremely hard wearing material which is suitable for high traffic areas of flooring. Engineered wood flooring is recommended for a wide range of different projects, with its versatility proving invaluable. Tiles Porcelain supplies engineered wood flooring. You can order samples for a closer look or contact one of our expert advisors for additional information.