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Find your perfect wall or floor decor among these great value yellow coverings

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Yellow can make a bold statement and bring a fresh glow to your home or business. Natural stone with a matt finish tends to have a muted style in comparison to a high gloss product so you can choose a shade that suits you. You can even order samples first before you decide to make a purchase just to ensure the colour matches your decor. A yellow colour certainly has a stand-out appearance and works well as a decorative feature in any room.

Ideal for Residential and Commercial Projects

The versatility of yellow ensures that it can be used in a wide variety of different projects. As part of residential home designs they are effective in producing a positive atmosphere. Yellow and black, for example, is a standout combination which creates a stylish contrast in kitchens and bathrooms. Likewise in larger commercial projects, yellow can provide shops with a genuine identity. Certain yellow coverings are marketed as a gold colour.

Yellow Mosaics

We have a selection of yellow mosaics. They can provide walls and floors with a decorative style. A yellow mosaic pattern works perfectly as a border. They are supplied on mesh sheets which are easy to apply as a splash back wall or shower area floor. Mosaics are available in both square and rectangular varieties. Natural stone mosaics like marble and travertine can provide a rustic quality and genuine character to interior designs. Yellow tile mosaics will complement standard walls and floors extremely well. Get in touch with Tilesporcelain for more information.