Floor Tiles

Polished Black Bathroom Floor Tiles

Durable and stylish black porcelain tiles have a distinctive appearance which has been emphasised by a highly polished finish

Only £12.97 m2 RRP £59.99

Great Value Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles

These Grey Porcelain tiles are a great choice for a vast selection of design layouts within both residential and commercial properties

From £14.97 m2 RRP £59.97

Buy White Polished Kitchen Floor Tiles

White is a timeless colour which complements a variety of features as part of both modern and traditional interior decors

From £24.97 m2 RRP £89.95

Super offers on Sparkly Floor Tiles

Providing a standout look and extremely durable floor covering, these Cosmos Black and Gold Quartz Tiles are a highly sought after option

From £39.97 m2 RRP £155.00


How Floor Tiles Can Improve Your Home

For a stylish and long-lasting floor covering, tiles offer an array of different advantages. Unlike carpet they do not absorb anywhere near the same level of moisture, are easier to clean and do not need to be replaced on such a regular basis. For these reasons floor tiles are ideal for the most demanding areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms. With so many styles and colours to select from at Tilesporcelain floor tiles will also improve your home from a visual perspective.

Great Collection of Stone and Engineered Floor Tiles

Bring your floor designs to life by selecting from our massive range of natural stone and engineered products. The floor tiles you choose will have a big impact on the appearance and practicality of your room. Our collection comprises of many styles including sparkly quartz and black or white porcelain. Hard wearing and durable floor tiles for commercial properties are available from Tilesporcelain. Stone tiles including limestone, marble, slate and granite are acquired for wide range of projects.