10 Popular White Tiles

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White tiles remain one of the most popular options for bathrooms and kitchens. This timeless colour matches superbly with modern features and fittings. There is a vast array of white tile options available to choose from so you can create your perfect design. White tiles can also work superbly when combined with other colours and match with pretty much every other shade. From floors to feature walls and backsplash designs, white tiles offer a high level of versatility. Below we are going to take a look at some of the most popular white tiles for walls and floors.

1. Sparkly White Quartz Tiles


In order to make a real design statement on walls and floors, Quartz tiles are an excellent option. Quartz has a surface covered in mirror pieces and therefore reflects light in an emphatic fashion. This standout appearance is emphasised by a highly polished finish. White quartz can be incorporated within feature wall designs in addition to areas of flooring. They work superbly in modern bathrooms and kitchens. Sparkly mosaics can also be used to complement white quartz tiles on walls. These tiles certainly offer something a little different to plain designs. And are capable of bringing interiors to life.

2. White Stone Cladding Tiles


If you are looking at ways to introduce a unique character, White Stone Cladding tiles may just be the perfect option. This rock panel cladding has a brick effect pattern and randomised formation which produces a rustic look as part of feature walls and backsplash designs. These white cladding tiles can be used throughout both interior and outdoor areas. In exteriors, it can be used to transform the façade of buildings and also as a wall or raised flower bed covering. This cladding matches superbly with natural wood and stone in living areas and farmhouse style kitchens.

3. White Metro Brick Ceramic Tiles


This is a classically retro option and is popular for home bathrooms and kitchens in addition to shops, restaurants and cafes. These ceramic tiles have a bevelled design which produces the brick style. These white metro ceramic tiles can be used as a backsplash or feature wall. They can be incorporated within a classic running bond (brick style) formation or as part of a herringbone pattern. The sleek and smooth surface not only helps to accentuate the brick design but also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. Veined White Marble Tiles


Many varieties of natural White Marble tiles have a veined style which provides interiors with a timeless appeal. These tiles are selected for both wall and floor designs. As part of interior layouts, white marble can be used as part of a stylish feature wall or fireplace surround. As a feature wall, white marble tiles are ideal for living rooms, in addition to bathrooms and kitchens. White marble matches superbly with other popular colours like grey and cream. These tiles can be combined to superb effect with other natural materials like wood and stone.

5. Plain White Porcelain


For a minimalist design, plain white porcelain tiles are an excellent option. These tiles can be used as part of contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs and combine superbly with chrome and wooden fittings. You can choose from white porcelain tiles with either a matt or polished finish. As part of floor designs, large plain white tiles are ideal for accentuating the space in a room. You could contrast white tiles with patterned tiles which will introduce an additional decorative element. Not only do white porcelain tiles offer a stylish appearance but they are also extremely hardwearing and therefore suitable for high traffic areas of both homes and commercial properties.

6. White & Gold Tiles

White and Gold

White combines with a wide variety of colours including black and grey and also colours which are used less around the home like gold. These tiles have a white colour and gold flecks which produces a standout appearance. White and gold is a colour combination which really brings interiors to life. These tiles can be used to excellent effect on either a feature wall or throughout flooring areas. These white and gold quartz tiles have a reflective style which can be accentuated by strategically placed ceiling spotlights. Gold is certainly a colour which has a salubrious appeal and these tiles certainly exude class and sophistication.

7. Patterned White & Black Tiles


Patterned tiles offer an eye-catching appearance which can transform the look of walls and floors. The combination of white and black produces a distinctive style which is ideal for modern interiors. These tiles work superbly as part of backsplash designs and feature walls but can also be used throughout areas of flooring. They can be accompanied by plain wall and floor tiles within contemporary decors. Decorative patterned tiles are also acquired for the interior of shops, cafes and restaurants. The ‘busy’ look is really popular at the minute and these tiles can be incorporated effortlessly within contemporary designs.

8. White Mosaic Tiles


Looking to introduce a trendy border or backsplash? White mosaic tiles might just be the perfect option. White mosaics can be contrasted by black grout or alternatively matched by a light colour in order to create a consistent appearance. As part of a border design, these tiles can be used in combination with bold colours. Depending on the look you are wishing to create, you can use white mosaics either horizontally or vertically on walls. When choosing white mosaics you have a vast array of different options to select from including sparkly quartz and glass.

9. Textured White Tiles


A textured surface provides designs with a unique style element. White textured tiles are a good choice for feature walls and can be contrasted with smooth floor tiles. These tiles add character to interior layouts and can be emphasised further by either natural light or strategically placed artificial lighting. Textured tiles are not only selected for bathrooms and kitchens but also in living rooms as part of a feature wall or fireplace design. Even a small inclusion of textured tiles can help to introduce a stylish feature and provides an interesting contrast to tiles with a regular finish.

10. White Hexagon Tiles


White Hexagon tiles have become increasingly popular for modern bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles offer a different appearance to standard format tiles. They can be used on their own for a consistent décor or in combination with other colours for a trendy contrast. A popular technique is to match a hexagon wall design with a hexagon floor tile layout in modern bathrooms, wet rooms and en suites. Polished hexagon tiles offer a surface which is both easy to clean and maintain. Using a white grout line to match with white coloured tile can really help to accentuate the available space in any room.


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